We believe that fundamentals are an important stepping stone for further development. Basic skills such as: shooting, dribbling, passing, receiving, trapping make up 80%-90% of every soccer match. All sessions are conducted in a fun, safe and positive learning environment. Players are placed in groups according to their age and skill levels. Making it fun for kids is one of our top priorities as they need develop love and interest in sport early in life. Once a child loves the sport they will want to keep coming back to it. First hour is usually technical skills, second hour is fun games and the last hour is scrimmage with breaks in between.

Our curriculum is designed so that each group is taught appropriate lessons based on their age and skill levels. The hope is that by the time camp ends your child learns new skill(s), is “hooked” on soccer and wants to continue playing, improving and enjoying the game. Our trained staff is uniquely positioned to offer top notch lessons that are fun and engaging.